Who is ChristLikeTV ?

Praise The Lord!! We want to explain what ChristLikeTV is all about. ChristLikeTV will not have a set format. You may see movie shorts, interviews, movie reviews, skits, however the Lord directs us to minister. There are two topics we want to focus on. They are Discernment and Spiritual Warfare. The reason these topics concerns us the most is because we are living in dangerous times. The enemy is very busy and is taking his attack up several notches. The evidence of this can be seen by the war in Iraq, terrorist activity, criminal activity, and perhaps, even in our own homes. Some Churches are filled with false teachings making erroneous claims of God, creating their own doctrines, and stealing salvations, deceiving even the very elect. ChristLikeTV will have short sermons on these, and other topics. We pray that this television ministry will truly be a blessing in your lives.